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4 Steps To A Clean Toilet 13 August 2014
4 Steps To A Clean Toilet

Whilst it may not be the most complicated of systems, the toilet will still leave people feeling a little stumped. Especially when it comes to cleaning! You will find that the only way to ensure that you are able to get the cleaning done effectively with a toilet is to ensure that you are not at risk of doing things in the wrong order, as this can lead to re-contaminating areas that you had already cleaned. The fact of the matter is that the germs involved in toilets are not very pleasant, and you should be aware that you don’t want them to be coming into contact with bare hands, even if you are good with cleaning them after using the toilet. As a part of the house cleaning, you should be thinking hard about regularly deep cleaning the toilet, much in the way you would with oven cleaning, or some other intensive cleaning service. Have a look over the following steps to see as to whether you have been doing the job right, or if the toilet part of your domestic cleaning methods needs to change.1.    Clean down the outside of the toilet, with a disposable wipe, or a cloth that is going to be washed properly before reuse. The outside of the toilet is not as dirty as the inside, but it will still be a haven for germs and nasty bacteria that you would likely prefer stay away from. You will find that the resulting cleaning is a great way to ensure that you are not in any danger of re-dirtying the outside as you clean the inside, simply because of the shape of the bowl. Also, the likelihood is that you will throw disposable wipes in to the toilet itself, which would undo any cleaning that you had done on the inside of the toilet. 2.    Clean the inside rim of the bowl with a scrubbing brush. Wear gloves, and use a toilet cleaning product that will kill germs that live in the underside of the toilet rim. This area must always be attended to well, as it is often neglected, which can make it rather nasty in terms of dirt. You will find that the dirtier this area gets, the harder it is to keep the toilet clean, as the water that flushes the toilet will be coming from this area. 3.    Place the toilet brush in the centre of the toilet, so that it stands up of its own accord. Pour your toilet cleaner or bleach over the brush and leave it for a couple of minutes to soak downwards through the bristles. Then, use the toilet brush to clean the surfaces of the inside of the toilet that you have not cleaned yet, pushing down into the centre, so that the brush can attack the deepest parts of the toilet. If you feel that it would help, a little boiling water can speed up the reactions involved in the cleaning process. Really get a good froth going, and once you feel like you have given it a really good clean, replace the brush and flush the toilet. 4.    To finish off, replace the brush in its holder, and apply another load of toilet cleaner around the underside of the rim of the toilet, which can be left in place, to ensure that the cleaning carries on after you are done. Be sure to mop around the floor area, as this will often be just as dirty as the toilet itself!

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