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Cleaning Up After Your Kids 01 May 2014
Cleaning Up After Your Kids

When you have a house full of children, it is important that you are always on top of the cleaning. A growing child will be particularly susceptible to the germs and bacteria in the dirt that naturally accumulates in the house, and with them likely causing more dirt that there would be otherwise, you will want to ensure that you are doing all that you can to tackle the issue head on. The fact of the matter is that children are incredibly messy, for a whole host of reasons, and getting yourself in to a continuous motion of cleaning up after them will mean that you are able to prevent this mess taking hold of your house and infecting your day to day! For a start, you should keep in mind that looking after a child is a massive job, and that there is no shame in taking on a cleaner if you can afford it. There are ways of getting all of the cleaning done whilst also looking after your kid, but if you can get a cleaner in, things will be a lot easier for you over all. Even if you are not as flush as being able to afford a regular cleaner, a monthly clean can give you a really good base level to work form, and take the pressure off in a way that will give you a much easier time. This is especially relevant if you are working as well, as the hours away from the office need to be as low stress as possible, and looking after a younger child and having to get the house work done will be next to impossible! Have your tools ready, and know your enemy. Children are very good at getting things grubby, and a simple box of anti bacterial wipes will usually do the trick in terms of removing grubby marks as well as getting rid of germs for next time. If you find that your child has made a mess of the wall, always try a wipe before anything more serious, as they can sometimes come away. When buying toys that might cause dirt for the children, check to see how easily such things come out of fabrics, and that all crayons, paints and pens can be washed off of painted walls. You will likely only need a little soapy water if so, and a sponge will do the trick. Be sure not to rub too hard however, as you may take the paint off if you are not careful! At meal times, have your wipes handy so that you can clean up spills as they happen. As food dries out, it will be harder to get off, and more likely to stain in certain areas of the house and on certain materials. If you are sure to remove the spill as it happens, then this will not be a problem. What will be a problem of course is when you turn back to your child form cleaning up their mess and find them making a new one! Try putting down paper or a table cloth in the area that you are feeding them, as this will cover a decent amount of surface area, and prevent the cleaning from being too much of an issue should there be a lot of mess in the aftermath!

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