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Domestic Cleaning Made Easy - Tackling Your Floors 24 January 2014
Domestic Cleaning Made Easy - Tackling Your Floors

What do all houses have in common? Well, there are thousands of answers to that really, but one of them is that everyone’s house has flooring, and these floors need to be kept looking amazing, otherwise the general cleanliness of the house will be compromised, and the floor could arguably be the largest and most easily dirtied part of your house. Think about it, it is the last place that dust finds itself, and is constantly receiving fresh dirt from the feet of those who walk upon it, so sometimes it is a nightmare to keep the floors in your home clean and looking nice! You will find however, that keeping them clean can be made quite easy if you know what you are doing, so have a look through the following tips to ensure that your domestic cleaning includes your floors.

For a start, you need to be aware of when you are beaten by a certain surface. This means that you need to know when to do things yourself, and when to call in the professionals! Some stains on certain carpets will be extremely difficult to get out, and simply attacking it with a damp rag could well result in a much larger stain! The same goes for certain flooring materials, hard wood, stone and other more exotic surfaces may well need to be handled by a professional, as otherwise they can be damaged irreparably by the chemicals in certain floor cleaners, so always read the bottle or label, and ensure that you are completely confident in your decision before acting. Professional carpet and floor cleaning services will potentially save you a lot of money in the long run by not ruining expensive materials!

When you are cleaning carpets, most piles will be fine for a regular home shampoo. If you have had a special one installed, then you will likely have been told how to clean it. If you were not the one who dealt with the installation, then be sure to ask the right people as to what you can and can’t use on it, as otherwise you may make a terrible error! Home shampooing is a quick and easy fix, but as the residue that gets left behind by the shampoo can be hard to get rid of in its entirety, you may well find that the carpet gets dirtier again more quickly.

For wood floors, a wood floor cleaner will usually be fine for most floors, but be careful if you are looking at a more rigorous cleaning method, like steam cleaning or machine buffing them. The heat in steam and the abrasive nature of some buffers can make marks that you won’t get rid of very easily, so it is well worth checking with a professional first. For scratches in dark wood floors that show lighter wood coloring through, simply dab a little dark wood furniture polish on there, or even a little espresso coffee, and buff the area until the scratch has darkened, easy!

If it seems that you are having trouble getting a mark out of a floor, then you need to call your domestic cleaning company, and see if they have any recommendations. Having the experience that they will do in the industry will ensure that they are well placed to give you spot on advice about how your problem should be solved. Carpets can be dry cleaned, floors can be steamed and pretty much anything can be gotten rid of, if you know how!

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