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End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Quick Steps To Follow 03 December 2014
End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Quick Steps To Follow

The best way to make your room or home shine like new before moving out, as well as to ensure the return of your deposit, is to search in internet for the best end of tenancy cleaning company and to make a call. Yet that`s only just one of the opts, because everything passes so quickly at the moving out day that cleaning becomes somewhere behind the organization of the move itself or behind the communication with the landlord, for example. That`s why you can clean the house by yourself a little bit earlier before the end of tenancy and next are few quick steps to follow:1st step:Clean the entire room or house like it`s just an ordinary day for cleaning. It comes to vacuuming the carpets, the rugs or the tile floor in the kitchen, washing the sink, the bathroom, etc. Put all the big items aside and sort the unusual ones from these that will fit in the moving boxes and bags. That`s just a hint of what`s to come later, but it would be a good start for the perfect cleaning.2nd step:Deep clean upholstery and the carpets. At this step, it might be better to call a professional cleaning company. Their teams have all the equipment and detergent solutions needed to make the dirty sofas and chairs shine like new. The professional cleaners also know which exact detergent solutions to use for the specific furniture so not to damage their surfaces, colors and texture. Yet if you do the deep cleaning by yourself, you may need a hot- or a steam-water system to treat the heaviest stains and other blemishes on the carpets.3rd step:Clean the tiles, the grout, the stone or the laminate floors. Mopping with clean water is not enough for the perfect shine and clean of the floors. Use a few drops of a detergent and then clean again via deodorizer, sanitizer and towels if needed. The grout is one of the most delicate parts to clean, because most of the dirt leaves right into the grout after mopping. Because of that, a nylon brush might be a better solution to make the tiles and the grout like new as well.4th step:Clean the windows. Prepare for another important step that will ensure your deposit back and, of course, the happy mood of the landlord. There is a myriad of cleaning solutions and sprays, but sometimes to do it by yourself is quite easier than it looks like. It`s also quite cheaper - a big cup of hot clean water, vinegar, sponge and clean towels is all that you need. Mix the vinegar and the water, stir for a few seconds and spray the solution onto the windows or use the sponge instead. Leave for a dozen minutes and treat again if needed to keep the surfaces wet. Then wipe off the excess with the clean towels and polish the windows with another clean towel. If you want to remove the smell of the vinegar - just spray another coat of clean water or use a little bit of deodorizer. Don`t forget to clean the frames of the windows as well.5th step:Check out the entire room or house for missed dirty spots. They may be everywhere - along the edges of the carpets, on the bottom of the chairs or on the kitchen shelves maybe. Simply, hot-water treat by using a small amount of detergent and apply it locally only onto the stains. A stiff brush is very useful for small stains and dirty spots.

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