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Essential Cleaning Tools You Should Have In Your Home 22 March 2014
Essential Cleaning Tools You Should Have In Your Home

1)    Vacuum.You’d think it would go without saying, but lots of homes still don’t benefit from having their own vacuum cleaner! Make the most out of your vacuum cleaner by ensuring it’s cleaned and emptied on a regular basis. 2)    Steam cleaner.A steam cleaner is a fantastic product that just can’t be compared to! Steam cleaners come with various attachments and nozzles which make them incredibly versatile products that are perfect for any home. Clean and sanitise your stairs, your carpets, mattresses, soft furnishings, tiles, pet beds and almost anything else you can think of in just a matter of minutes with a powerful and antibacterial steam cleaner! 3)    Mop and bucket.Having a mop and bucket in your home might seem a little outdated, but you just can’t go wrong with this classic combination. Having a mop and bucket makes cleaning your kitchen and bathroom floors incredibly easy, and if you have pets then accidents can be dealt with swiftly and easily. Buckets are very versatile, and can be useful when cleaning your car or when bleaching your whites! 4)    Dustpan and brush.Even if you have a vacuum that’s able to get into all sorts of nooks and crannies, a dustpan and brush is still an essential cleaning item for your home. From cleaning up broken glass to sweeping underneath your kitchen counters, there’s no end to the ways in which you and your home will benefit from a traditional dustpan and brush! 5)    Sponges and scourers.If you own a dishwasher then you might not have as many sponges in your home as you used to when doing the washing up by hand. This is a mistake! Sponges and scourers are essential for getting stains out of carpets, cleaning your bathroom tiles, attacking mould and limescale and for many other purposes as well! You should always have a couple of packets of sponges in your cleaning cupboard – they’re inexpensive and incredibly useful! 6)    Cleaning cloths.Just like sponges and scourers, cleaning cloths are cheap and very versatile. Whether you need them for dusting, scrubbing, sanitising or any other reasons, if you have lots of cleaning cloths in your cupboard then you just can’t go wrong! Make sure that you wash your cleaning cloths regularly to ensure that they’re clean and aren’t going to be spreading bacteria around your home! Soak them in a bucket of bleach and water until clean, or just remember to replace them on a regular basis. 7)    Paper towels.From cleaning up spills in the kitchen to wiping down your baby’s highchair after a meal, paper towels can be incredibly useful. Use them to soak up spills and collect crumbs after cooking, or spray with an anti-bacterial spray to create a quick and easy anti-bacterial surface wipe for use in your kitchen or bathroom. 8)    Duster or dusting cloths.Keep on top of the dust in your home by investing in a good duster and some dusting cloths. Dusting cloths are great for collecting dust in your home, but they can also be used with polishing sprays as polishing cloths for wooden furniture too. Why not try buying a duster with an extendable handle so that you can reach into those high corners of your home without any worry, hassle or trouble?

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