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Pets and Home Cleaning 16 October 2014
Pets and Home Cleaning

Pets do many things for us in our lives. They act as a source of unconditional love, they can entertain us we play with them, they can amuse us with their antics, they can keep us fit as we take them for walks, and they add life to a home. Taking care of them is tough though, as you will have to feed, exercise and clean up after them. This is all worth it in the end though, so you don’t mind doing these chores. Pets though can make a mess of a home. Not including any droppings they leave about, they can shed hair everywhere, they can spill their food and drink, they can cause odours, bring in dead animals and litter, they will get on the furniture and leave bits and hairs, and much more. Trying to keep your abode tidy with animals running everywhere is not easy but with a few tips, you can successfully see to your house clean despite the presence of pets. The most common problem you will have if you own a cat or dog is hair. This is especially problematic domestic cleaning chore when your pet is shedding but even when they are not, there will still be need to a vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. In order to keep your home looking its best, you must do this at least every few days and not miss out any section of the carpet. Go under furniture necessary to ensure a thorough cleaning result. Having a high quality vacuum cleaner can make this easier as it will be more powerful and will get all the hairs. A nozzle attachment can be useful to getting under items and into corners. A simple brush can be used to get rid of hair as you go along and so you will not need to vacuum as often. To prevent your pet from getting hair everywhere, encourage them not to go on the furniture and try to assign a specific spot for them to sleep to stop hair from spreading, making your house cleaning simpler. Pets will leave their dropping every now and again, even if they are house trained. If a pet defecates on the floor, you should use a disposable cloth to remove it, or the specially designed bags. If a pet urinates on your carpet or rug, then you should use strong paper towels to soak most of it up. You should then dab what is left with a new sheet. Scrub the area with a damp cloth to prevent stain or smell. If a stain has occurred and you cannot wash it up, you may have to buy a carpet cleaning detergent that should be strong enough to get rid of it. Make sure you use a safe and reliable product and follow its instructions. Even the cleanest pet may cause lingering odours in your house, so you should know how to combat this. Leaving the windows and doors open will let them smell diffuse and leave the area, though this may not work or be possible in some circumstances. Air fresheners will tackle the small, but these can be problematic for those with asthma and allergies. Incense, plug-ins and scented candles can also replace a bad odour and leaving a bowl of white vinegar in the afflicted room overnight can banish the bad smell. Keeping your pet in only a few areas your home will stop any mess from spreading. Do not let it in certain areas, such as the upstairs, and you will have less mess to deal with. Use baby gates and cordons, as well as encouraging them not to go to certain places to achieve this.

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