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Removing Pet Smells From The Carpet 12 June 2014
Removing Pet Smells From The Carpet

Pet smells can be a real nuisance in the house and it is at times when such things are really bad that you may wonder why you have pets in the first place! Of course any pet lover would know this is a joke, but in all seriousness, the smells can be an issue. Pet hair and their general odor can get trapped in fibrous materials around the house, like the upholstery, and particularly the carpet. You will find however, that simply vacuuming is sometimes not enough! There are plenty of other ways in which to have a go at removing the smells of your pets from the carpets, so have a look over the following ideas.1.    Vacuum regularly. As mentioned above, this will not always remove the smells, but it will pick up pet hairs which can contribute to the problem. You will find that the more regularly you vacuum, the less likely you are to have an issue with smell, so keep up the hoovering, and you should be less likely to have an issue in the first place!2.    Carpet shampoo will be a good way to clean the carpet in general, and this will lift the dust and dirt that has the smell in it out of the carpet fibers. Be sure to scrub hard to get the lather deep in to the pile of the carpet, as otherwise you will only be skimming the surface, much like a vacuum cleaner does! This can be tiring work, and if your pet smells are really bad then it does not always work, so you may want to consider professional techniques for cleaning.3.    Professional cleaning comes in the form of steam cleaning and dry cleaning, and both will be great for getting rid of both dirt and smells. You will find that dry cleaning uses compounds that will attract dirt, and absorb smells, which will leave your carpet looking and smelling incredible. However, both of these processes come at a cost, and if your pet smell seems to be a common problem, then you may not want to go about paying loads for a clean that is only going to be undone by your pets as soon as the professional cleaners have left the building! 4.    Try using baking soda to absorb the smells. Sprinkling the stuff across the carpet will give good coverage, and the powder is a great odor neutralizer. You will find that the soda needs to be kept as dry as possible however, as otherwise it becomes fizzy and may well embed itself in the carpet, and take a while to dry out and become removable again. This is however a good way to clean things, so if you are feeling adventurous, you may want to scrub the baking soda in to the carpet with a wet brush and see if you can clean the whole thing whilst simultaneously absorbing the odors! 5.    Vinegar is also a great way to de-odorize a room, if not specifically the carpet. Leave a bowl of one part white vinegar and one part boiling water in the room overnight and see what it does in terms of absorbing the smells that are causing such problems. You should find that the smells are at least reduced in the morning! You do need to be sure however that there is no chance of the pets getting to the bowl of hot vinegar, as they could certainly spill it, or even have a taste, which would not be good!

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