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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
    The bath, shower, sink, toilet, cabinets, floors, window, and more. All these have to be seen to when cleaning a bathroom and I couldn't handle it. Luckily, ChelseaCleaners could. The cleaners I hired from them have been able to wash and wipe every part of my bathroom, leaving no mess, dust, clutter or whatever. I am pleased with the work they have done and even more impressed with the results. I now have a clean bathroom because of their hard work and support.  
Vince Thompson27/05/2015
    I was in need of a kitchen clean service so called Chelsea Cleaners as I had heard good reviews about them. The cleaners did a great service, washing tiled walls and floors, and kitchen cupboards and appliances. The end result was wonderful it looked so clean. It was worth the money.  
Lindsey P.27/02/2015
    Got to say that it's nice to finally see a company get the credit it deserves. I mainly call Chelsea Cleaners when I need a bit of help with the stains in my carpet. It's not a regular thing, but it's nice to know that I've got a good number which I can call when I know that I'll be needing a bit of help with a tricky issue. Have not found anything they can't deal with as of yet and my carpets and I are hugely thankful for all of the help which they've provided. Thanks again.  
C. Shufflewood07/01/2015
    I have a parquet floor which has been down for 7 years and in that time it has accumulated several scratches and stains, in fact it looks pretty tired. I called a few companies who deal with hard floor cleaning and came across Chelsea Cleaners who have a great reputation in my area. They came out and gave me a quote which was very reasonable indeed. The quality of their work was just great and the whole experience with this company was a pleasant one.  
V. Barton24/11/2014
    I've had difficulties in the past with some of the horrible Mr Muscle type jobs around the house and I sometimes lose the will to leave when I'm trying to clean the oven or the bathroom. I decided on a one off basis to hire a professional cleaner last week and Chelsea Cleaners sent me one of their house cleaners. The results were fantastic. The oven cleaning they did was simply perfect and they didn't miss out a single speck of dirt. I was really surprised with how quickly it was done and will certainly be calling them back again.  
Jessica L.14/11/2014
    Again I'm amazed that a company really is as good as their reputation. Chelsea Cleaners are really great, I can't fault them in any area! I wasn't certain if their service would come as far out as where I live but they did! And also, I wasn't sure what types of cleaning products to buy for the areas I needed cleaning which have been affected by my homes location near the coast, but they actually did! Hats off to a great business and very good workers! I will be recommending you to all of my friends!  
Madeleine T.23/10/2014
    After a particularly wet winter last year, I noticed that there was a lot of moss and algae growing on my stone paving slabs, in my garden. I tried to scrub the tiles to get the muck off, but was unsuccessful. Fortunately, I found the number for Chelsea Cleaners, who guaranteed they could help me with my problem. I was amazed at how prompt, and speedy the cleaners were, and the job they did was simply excellent. Even better when I look back and think how little it cost me! Perfect, I will definitely use them and their super hose again!  
Lee Edwards04/09/2014
    There is absolutely nothing negative to be said about my experience with Chelsea Cleaners. All of the staff were friendly, from the people I talked to on the phone to the cleaners that showed up. They carry themselves professionally, and always do a great job with the cleaning! I started hiring them a month or so ago, and I have yet to have a less than stellar experience with them. The house hasn't been in this nice a condition since I moved in, and I'm very thankful. Don't ever think that a low cost service equals a barely adequate service - this company proves this point completely!  
Jean Bolton21/08/2014
    I was very busy with running my own business and just didn't have enough time to clean my apartment. I was passed on the name of a cleaning company from a colleague so though I would give them a try. Chelsea Cleaners were great to deal with, providing me with a list of services and prices which were very reasonable. I booked a date to suit my busy schedule. The workers arrived on time and got to work straight away. They blitzed the place and covered lots of places I wouldn't have thought of. The finished result was excellent, everywhere was spotless. Thanks for a great job.  
Despina Yeater24/07/2014
    I recently started my own business and although my office was off to flying a start I needed to find an inexpensive, professional and experienced cleaning company. I contacted Chelsea Cleaners to see if they could help me and I was immediately impressed with their range of services and polite manner. I decided to hire them for a one-off office clean as I'm very fussy about cleanliness and have a high standard that's hard to meet. I needn't have worried as the staff worked quickly and got everything clean and sanitary in a really short amount of time. I use this cleaning company all the time now and I couldn't be more pleased! Five stars!  
Leila T.08/07/2014
    My carpet had been down in the house for years, but I couldn't afford new replacement ones. My mum suggested I use a specialist company to try to revive them. Chelsea Cleaners were great to deal with. They gave me a quote that I thought was reasonable, so I booked a date. The professionals turned up on time and with a load of equipment and solutions that they assured me were eco friendly. I relaxed with a coffee whilst they got on with the job. When the work was completed I was really pleased, my carpeted flooring looked wonderful. The stains had gone and it smelt so fresh and clean.  
Cheryl Moss12/06/2014
    I have always pondered the idea of getting a cleaner round, but it's often felt like a bit of an extravagance. In a way, I was really happy that I got past this, as having Chelsea Cleaners round over the last couple of weeks has made everything so much easier for me! I'd like to say a big and personal thanks to all there who have helped me out, and that I look forward to carrying on with working with you over the next few years! Let's hope they keep up their fantastic value and service!  
Aubrey Erickson29/04/2014
    I read lots of good reviews for Chelsea Cleaners and their cleaning services, which is what prompted me to give them a call when I needed my house professionally cleaned. I only needed a one-off clean, but I was very wary of hiring unprofessional or unreliable staff. I had nothing to worry about though, as everything was handled with the upmost care and professionalism. The price quotes I'd been given were accurate, the staff were friendly and helpful and the service itself was really thorough and efficient. This is a service I'd use again and again, and this is a company that's at the top of my cleaning list! Very reliable and affordable to boot!   
Leigh D.17/04/2014
    Chelsea Cleaners have been the best thing to happen to me in a long time. It seems strange to say it about a cleaning company but it's true. The service they've managed to provide has not simply just led to a cleaner home - which it certainly has - but has allowed me to focus the time I'd normally have spent on cleaning into far more productive things. So when you're feeling locked in and put off by all the cleaning work that's piling up, they should be the first ones you call. And they've got great prices as well, which helps.  
Juan James19/03/2014
    When things feel like they are getting on top of you, it can be hard to work out what to sort out and when! Whether it is work, family, social things or housework, something usually needs to give, and when there are menial tasks like cleaning to be done, you can often find yourself feeling like you are wasting time on silly things. If I'm feeling like that I call Chelsea Cleaners and get them to come round to clean, and basically sort the house out, whilst I'm dealing with whatever other calamity has occurred. I recommend them highly, and not just for crisis aversion!  
Allen A.05/03/2014
    I needed a professional upholstery cleaner, who could provide expert cleaning for my old sofas and upholstery. I hadn't cleaned them in years and I could see the dust and dirt building deep within the fibres. The service at Chelsea Cleaners was diligent, thorough and efficient. They really knew what cleaning agents to use to ensure that deep within the fibres were clean. They arrived prompt at my home and their service was affordable and efficient. They were friendly and reliable, I would definitely recommend them for anybody looking for upholstery cleaning. A job well done!  
Louise H.18/02/2014
    What do you say other than these guys do a super job? Chelsea Cleaners have been cleaning my home for a while now, and each and every week the place looks superb. They work hard and efficiently, and what they do in an hour would take me a day. It is amazing to watch at times. But in all seriousness the company provides a great service. I don't have time to clean the house at the same time as tidying around my children and holding down a job. Chelsea Cleaners allow me to enjoy my time at home as opposed to worrying about when I am going to find time to clean.  
Abby Streeting30/01/2014
    If you think that professional cleaning services aren't for you then you should think again! I wanted to hire the help of a reliable and professional cleaning company because my house was becoming the butt of everyone's jokes. Yes, my home was a mess, but I'm a bit of a work-a-holic, and I never had the time to clean! I called Chelsea Cleaners to see if they could help me out and they certainly have! The experienced cleaners at this company are really skilled and really friendly - they did an amazing job on my house and now I'm a repeat customer!  
    The professional house cleaners at Chelsea Cleaners truly are amazing! I've hired cleaning staff from other companies in the past, but no-one's managed to do as good a job as these cleaners! They're speedy, friendly and really know what they're doing. My home is always enviably clean now, and I'm always being complimented on it! I have all the free time I need to concentrate on my family without having to worry about cleaning my carpets or bathroom. Thanks so much for an amazing service - definitely one I'd recommend to anyone! I can't imagine using any other service than this!  
Louise Murphy17/12/2013
    Since we hired Chelsea Cleaners life has got so much easier. Their customer service is second to none and I no longer have to worry about when I am going to find time to fit cleaning in around my busy working schedule and family life. They clean while my partner and I are at work every week and the results are superb. It is so nice to come home to a nice clean house after a stressful day in the office. I would thoroughly recommend Chelsea Cleaners to anyone, they have taken a real weight off my shoulders.  
Joan Morris28/11/2013
    Having been recommended them by a friend, I called up Chelsea Cleaners for a one time spring clean. The team were friendly over the phone, and I was happy to hear that they charged less than I had expected. The actual clean itself only took half a day, as they were so quick! I'm really glad that I was tipped off by my friend about this lot, so I thought it would be worth uploading a review so that others could experience the same quality. Ten out of ten, highly recommended!   
Carly Holmes18/11/2013
    Until I recently became single, cleaning has not been a huge part of my life, as I tended to work late and my wife was excellent with the house work. How excellent she actually was did not become apparent until I had to do it all myself, and realized how easy it is to let such jobs get on top of you! Given that I am still working a lot, I needed someone who knew what they were doing and who could work regularly, so I tried out Chelsea Cleaners They are efficient, consistent and well valued, so I am extremely happy.  
Edgar Wright08/11/2013
    There's not much more I can add to all the other people saying how great Chelsea Cleaners are. I can only give you my experiences, which was with a thoroughly professional, excellently priced, friendly and really efficient cleaning company who listened to my requests and then provided a service which was exactly what I had asked for. So, next time you're looking for a cleaning service, I would not look any further than Chelsea Cleaners. They've been great to me so I'm now just looking to spread the word. If you value high quality service for your cleaning needs, this is the company for you.  
    Hey, just wanted to drop by and give a big thanks to Chelsea Cleaners for all the help with getting my house ready for sale. I've been dreading the moment when I've had to clean out all the nooks and crannies which I've spent years filling with dust. But I gave a call to Chelsea Cleaners, they sent around the most polite and efficient guys I've ever met and within hours my old house was in a perfect condition. The whole place is now ready for the next owners and I'm not ashamed to say that I gave serious thought to just staying put, they did that good a job.  
R. Lee14/10/2013
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